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default Arlington Community Electricty (Arlington, MA)

A program offered by the Town to provide residents and businesses more electricity supply options by pooling the electricity use of thousands of users in Arlington. The program is a Town-vetted alternative to Eversource’s default supply and other third party electricity suppliers.

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default Green Municipal Aggregation

Also called community choice electricity (CCE), this model allows MA & RI communities to take climate action by affordably greening up residents' electricity supply.   

default How RECs Work To Clean New England’s Grid

From Green Energy Consumers Alliance, a long-established and trusted source.

How do we know if the electricity we’re using came from renewable energy or not? The answer: Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). But in order to understand how RECs work and how they do their part to clean our grid, we must first understand how the grid brings electricity to our homes and businesses, and how it operates as a whole.  

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default MA Residents Lost $426 Million Through Competitive Electric Supply Contracts in Last 5 Years

4.1.21. Study Shows Low-Income Residents and Communities of Color Are Disproportionately Harmed; AG Urges Passage of Legislation to Ban Suppliers from Signing Up New Residential Customers

This is the third report from the AG’s Office that shows that residents who enroll with these companies continue to overpay for electricity by tens of millions of dollars each year.

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default Municipal aggregation savings ‘shattering expectations’ in Massachusetts

pdf Slide Presentation to Arlington Select Board: Community Choice for Arlington (2016)

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Community Choice for Arlington 10-slide PP for Selectman 1 2 16 ET - AW edits.pdf

PDF version of the Community Choice Aggregation PowerPoint Presentation to the Select Board - 1/2/16