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default 1 Envisioning Ecological Alternatives for Backyards Popular

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Read ground-breaking research on cultivating suburban biodiversity

Native Plant Trust has teamed up with the Woodwell Climate Research Center and a group of scientists across the country to report on groundbreaking research into how American homeowners shape the structure and ecology of yard ecosystems. 

default 1 How to talk about climate change so people actually care [7.4 min TED talk]

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Image 1 Nature's Best Hope. A new approach to conservation that starts in your back yard Popular

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Nature's Best Hope.jpg

Nature's Best Hope (2019) by Douglas Tallamy.  A wonderful book at any time but especially so in light of the coronavirus pandemic.  Doug Tallamy, Univ. of Del. professor and naturalist, shows clearly and simply what each of us can do to support our native native pollinators and birds in our own back yards and parks.  Let's get started! 

Click "download" to see the beautiful cover of this book.

default 1 Understanding Native Bees, the Great Pollinators New

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Bulletin #7153, Understanding Native Bees, the Great Pollinators: Enhancing Their Habitat in Maine (PDF)

This bulletin was developed by Constance S. Stubbs, research assistant professor, and Nancy Coverstone, Extension educator, the University of Maine.

default 1 [webinar] Gas Leaks & Trees, Multi-Town Gas Leaks Initiative Popular

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How Gas Leaks Affect Our Trees: The science, the signs, and what we can do," 5-28-2020 Webinar. Expert panel moderated by Arlington Town Manager Adam Chapdelaine.

Webinar recording:


additional resources  


default 1. Zero emissions drive would grow U.S. economy

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Report shows meeting Paris climate goals would add trillions of dollars in economic growth.  By Dana Nuccitelli | Tuesday, March 23, 2021

pdf 1. A Pocket Guide to All-Electric Retrofits of Single-Family Homes

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default 1. Are EPA-Certified Wood Stoves Another Emissions Scandal?

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New study finds the certification system is dysfunctional.

default 1. ARLINGTON COMMUNITY ELECTRICITY [was Community Choice Aggregation] Popular

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Arlington Community Choice Aggregation Relaunches as Arlington Community Electricity (ACE)

New name and logo kick off ambitious campaign for clean energy!


... a Town-sponsored program which leverages the Town’s bulk buying power to competitively procure electricity for Arlington residents and businesses. ... active since 2017, and the new name forms part of a new campaign designed to better inform the community about their electricity options and how participating in the program can help combat climate change.

default 1. Arlington Net Zero Action Plan completed, Feb. 2021

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A roadmap to reduce greenhouse gas pollution to net zero by 2050.

pdf 1. Arlington Select Board Resolution: H.2849, S.1940, The FUTURE Act

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10.2019.Arl.Select Brd Resolution, FUTURE Act.pdf

An Act for Utility Transition to Using Renewable Energy  

"...That the Arlington Select Board go on record in strong support of the principles embodied in The FUTURE Act (H.2849/S.1940) and urge the Legislature to pass the bill during the 2019-2020 session..."  



default 1. Arlington Sustainable Transportation Advisory Committee

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default 1. Bluebikes come to Arlington, Aug. 2020 Popular

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"4 Bluebikes station locations determined; 2 more eyed,", 

default 1. Bringing Nature Home: How you can sustain wildlife with native plants Popular

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Much-admired author Doug Tallamy shows how everyone with access to a patch of earth can make a significant contribution toward sustaining biodiversity and why it matters so much.

default 1. Choosing Pollinator-Friendly Native Plants in Home Gardening or Landscaping Popular

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Tools for developing pollinator-friendly landscapes using native plant species. ... curated lists of native, pollinator-friendly container plants and seeds will help you make the right decisions.

default 1. Clean Energy Future Committee, Arlington, MA Popular

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Established by the Arlington Select Board to guide the Town in reaching its Net Zero by 2050 goal. Agendas, minutes

Image 1. Communicating the Climate Crisis Popular

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Communicating the Climate Crisis.png

At first glance, climate change communication is about educating and informing people [read more]

default 1. Diversity and the Environment Webinar Series, Antioch University New England Popular

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Antioch University New England, Center for Climate Preparedness and Community Resilience.

Recordings of recent webinars, e.g.:

"Race and the Environmental Movement: History and Legacies," June 4, 2020

"Racial Diversity in the U.S. Climate Movement," March 17, 2020

default 1. En-ROADS Climate Change Solutions Simulator Popular

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The simulation, developed by Climate InteractiveVentana Systems, and MIT Sloan, runs on an ordinary laptop in a fraction of a second, is available online, offers an intuitive interface, has been carefully grounded in the best available science, and has been calibrated against a wide range of existing integrated assessment, climate and energy models.