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Welcome to Sustainable Arlington

We act on the local level to promote climate stabilization and other important environmental goals.  

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with Benjamin Brown-Steiner
Wednesday, May 1, 7:00-8:30 pm
Deepen your understanding of climate change, its causes and conditions and what you can do to help.
Ben Brown-Steiner, a scientist steeped in climate research and with a passion for science communication, will lead us through a clear explanation of this pervasive concern, detailing both its global and local impact.
Evidence of climate change abounds. Melting glaciers in Antarctica. Devastating wildfires blaze through parts of California. Our own summers seem longer and warmer.  But we also know that weather is highly variable. So how can we tell if a particular hurricane or heat wave is a result of climate change or simply weather? And how can we use this information to best prepare for the future?
Learn the differences between global climate changes and the local weather that impacts us day-to-day, as well as why it is so difficult to rely on instinct and anecdotes when dealing with climate issues. Explore big-picture global and national trends to better understand local impacts. Dr. Brown-Steiner will also highlight which forms of action—at both the individual and the collective scale—will be most effective at avoiding and adapting to the major impacts of climate change. Ample time for questions and answers. 
This event is co-sponsored by Arlington Mothers Out Front and Sustainable Arlington.

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