Sustainable Arlington

Arlington Vision 2020 Committee/Mass. Climate Action Network (MCAN) Chapter

Paint the Town Green

Celebrate Arlington’s Path to a Sustainable Future

Sunday, September 23, 2018 - 3-5 p

Arlington Town Hall, 730 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, MA

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pdf (a) Arlington Sustainable Action Plan Popular

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Arlington Sustainable Action Plan

Image 2018 March for Science Boston

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pdf A New England Food Vision Popular

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From Food Solutions New England (, a 48- page report on how New England can provide half of its food needs by 2060.

default Alewife Brook Combined Sewer Overflow Control Progress Update, April 2015 Popular

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... these projects are predicted to reduce average annual CSO volume to Alewife Brook by 85% (from 50 million gallons in 1997 to 7.3 million gallons), reduce the frequency of discharges from 63 times a year to seven times a year on average ...

default Combined Sewer Overflows along Alewife Brook Popular

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CSO discharges have ... been reduced by ... 48% since 1987 to the Alewife Brook.  ...  Because of increased health risks associated with CSO discharges ... avoid ... contact with waterbodies during rainstorms and for at least 48 hours following a CSO release ...  

default Palm Oil Scorecard: Ranking the Biggest Brands in America Popular

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Union of Concerned Scientists

Palm Oil Scorecard: Ranking America’s Biggest Brands on Their Commitment to Deforestation-Free Palm Oil

default Picture Post, a simple tool for citizen science Popular

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Created by John Pickle, DEW Educator, Arlington, MA, and demonstrated at a recent Arlington EcoFest.  Several picture posts have been installed in Menotomy Rocks Park.

default Your Arlington Popular

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Webiste with lots of news about Arlington.

default [Arl] Hazardous Waste PSA, ACMi Popular

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default [Local] Time Trade Circle Popular

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Local to the Arlington area.  They keep track of time. Spend an hour of your time performing a service for somebody else, get credited with one Timebank Hour. You can cash in that Timebank Hour on a service provided by another member of the time bank. Whether you give a music lesson, take care of someone's pet, volunteer at a community center, or help someone get to a doctor's appointment, one actual hour equals one Timebank Hour.