Sustainable Arlington

Envision Arlington/Mass. Climate Action Network (MCAN) Chapter

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... to explore issues surrounding the development of urban agriculture in Cambridge [and] to propose a comprehensive urban agriculture ordinance that will take into account a broad range of urban agricultural activities.

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  • The City has begun work on the Climate Change Preparedness & Resilience (CCPR) Plan, which is scheduled to be completed in 2018.  

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The Union of Concerned Scientists discuss fuel-efficient vehicles, cleaner fuels, electric cars and trucks, and their plan to cut oil use in half in 20 years.

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Download (pdf, 447 KB)

Carbon Pricing - The Basics.pdf

Why we need Massachusetts State Senator Mike Barrett's bill S.1821, An Act Combating Climate Change

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Articles on innovations in transportaton, housing, and designing for climate change.

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Sea-level rise, heat waves, and increasing storm intensity threaten Boston’s infrastructure, tax base, natural resources, residents, businesses, and institutions. Climate adaptation -- preparing for the different local environmental conditions that result from climate change -- is an essential part of climate action.

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From the "Your Money" feature, New York Times (12.2.16.), a discussion of climate change and the residential real estate market, with issues to consider.


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National Park Service Director on climate change threats to National Parks and how to inspire the next generation of stewards to usher parks into a new century of management practices.

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an initiative to develop resilient solutions to prepare our City for climate change.


This report includes high-quality maps and as a result may have a slow load time... You can also read this report by reserving a hard copy through the Boston Public Library.  

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Climate XChange seeks to reduce global warming pollution and strengthen the economy through comprehensive market-based carbon pricing in Massachusetts.

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A recognized leader in carbon pricing research. Info on Mass. carbon pricing legislation.  Climate XChange uses current data and state-of-the-art modeling techniques to provide policy makers and advocates with the information they need to envision and achieve a clean energy future that works for everyone. 131 Cambridge St., Boston, MA.

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This wetland site consists of 17 acres, all but 1.5 acres of which  lie in the FEMA flood zone. The developer proposes a multi-story building with 207 apartments, 12 town homes, and parking for 300+ cars.   This development requires 7 acres, including 5.5 acres in the floodplain. All traffic to and from the proposed development would travel on Lake Street and existing, narrow neighborhood roads.

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CSO discharges have ... been reduced by ... 48% since 1987 to the Alewife Brook.  ...  Because of increased health risks associated with CSO discharges ... avoid ... contact with waterbodies during rainstorms and for at least 48 hours following a CSO release ...  

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Community choice aggregation (CCA) is a state policy that enables local governments to aggregate electricity demand within their jurisdictions in order to procure alternative energy supplies while maintaining the existing electricity provider for transmission and distribution services. Many states passed CCA laws as part of electric restructuring legislation in the late 1990s and early 2000s. States that have passed CCA laws include California (2002), Illinois (2009), Massachusetts (1997), New Jersey (2003), Ohio (1999), and Rhode Island (1997). There are many reasons that a community may choose to develop a CCA, including the option to purchase more green power, reduce electricity cost, and provide power from more local sources.

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The Mass. Climate Action Network (MCAN), of which Sustainable Arlington is a chapter, provides a CCA definition, info handouts, and examples of Mass. communities that have already adopted CCA.

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CCA is a program towns and cities can use to switch everyone in the town who is on basic service over to cleaner energy. An energy broker helps the community purchase the amount of energy which best fits their needs. Residents may opt out at any time. The energy is still distributed and billed through the town's original utility (i.e., Eversource or National Grid).  


Community Choice Aggregation allows residents and small businesses to seamlessly switch to more renewable energy.

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Download (pptx, 695 KB)

Community Choice for Arlington 10-slide PP for Selectman 1 2 16 ET - AW edits.pptx

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Arlington voters approved adoption of the Community Preservation Act (CPA) in November 2014 with the Act to begin funding in FY2016. The Town of Arlington began collecting surcharge revenue on the August 3, 2015 tax bills and will continue collection on a quarterly basis. 

The act will raise an estimated $1.4 million in funding annually via a tax surcharge and state funds that are designated for major public investments in open space and outdoor recreational facilities, affordable housing, and historic preservation.

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Complete Streets are streets for everyone. They are designed and operated to enable safe access for all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders of all ages and abilities. Complete Streets make it easy to cross the street, walk to shops, and bicycle to work.