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Envision Arlington/Mass. Climate Action Network (MCAN) Chapter

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Building a powerful statewide social movement to confront the climate crisis, hold our politicians accountable and undermine the destructive influence of the fossil fuel industry. Their name comes from 350 parts per million, the safe level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Find a 350 node meeting near you:

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An umbrella group for the many "Friends of" park groups in Arlington, some of which are listed separately.

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Founded in 1931. A group of gardeners interested in conserving natural resources and the environment through educational programs and public works. Membership includes all levels of gardeners, novice to master, interested in learning and sharing expertise in home gardening, the environment, floral arrangements, and supporting the beautification of Arlington.  

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Seeks permanent protection of open spaces in Arlington, MA, for the benefit of the community’s quality of life, environmental health, and all our citizens.  

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Focus on (1) gas leaks and pipelines, (2) promoting local renewable energy, and (3) environmental justice.  Watch this short video made by Arlington High School graduate Josh Katofsky to learn how Arlington Mothers Out Front worked with the town government to bring Community Choice Aggregation to our community. 



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Established by the Arlington Board of Selectmen to promote the protection, planting, and care of trees in Arlington. See also:

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Mission:  through education, policy and outreach, to promote the power of the natural world to stabilize the climate and to restore biodiversity to ecosystems worldwide. Listing for Cambridge, MA, Meetup group, occasional events and conferences at:

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A recognized leader in carbon pricing research. Info on Mass. carbon pricing legislation.  Climate XChange uses current data and state-of-the-art modeling techniques to provide policy makers and advocates with the information they need to envision and achieve a clean energy future that works for everyone. 131 Cambridge St., Boston, MA.

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This wetland site consists of 17 acres, all but 1.5 acres of which  lie in the FEMA flood zone. The developer proposes a multi-story building with 207 apartments, 12 town homes, and parking for 300+ cars.   This development requires 7 acres, including 5.5 acres in the floodplain. All traffic to and from the proposed development would travel on Lake Street and existing, narrow neighborhood roads.

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Protects natural resources in the Town of Arlington, such as lakes, rivers, ponds, streams, wetlands and floodplains, which have habitat values for the animals and plants that live there as well as filter our air and water.  Meets twice monthly at Town Hall.  

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Co-host, along with Tufts University, of the Jan. 2018 Alewife Corridor Resilience Symposium tbring together the Alewife corridor communities of Belmont, Arlington, Cambridge, Somerville, Medford, and Winchester to look at the Alewife floodplain in its entirety, and explore collaborative scenarios for tackling issues of resiliency and climate adaptation.

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A national organization with an eastern Mass. chapter. They say: "Even if we recycle, compost, solar power our own homes and conserve water, it isn’t enough to stop the tidal wave of climate change.  Without strong policies to curb carbon emissions we won’t be able to make a big enough difference, fast enough. ... Elders Climate Action was formed [t]o mobilize and unite our voices to bring this message to our leaders." Also on Facebook:

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The Arlington Reservoir (the Res) ... has served since the 1890's as a recreational area for walking, swimming, fishing and boating.  

The Reservoir Committee ... is a group of concerned citizens working to solve the Reservoir's problems. The Committee meets on the third Tuesday of the month in the Arlington Town Hall Annex. Anyone ... is welcome to participate.

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Helping to solve the problems affecting Spy Pond since 1994. The Committee works to make Spy Pond a better and healthier place for people and wildlife.  Monthy public meetings.


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A community organization that rescues fresh food, alleviates hunger, and contributes to environmental sustainability. Collects high-quality fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, bread and prepared foods that would otherwise be wasted from local grocery and prepared food stores. Distributes the food to over 30 social service agencies, including after school programs, programs for at-risk youth, low income housing facilities, homeless shelters, food pantries, and senior centers, in Arlington and other communities. Founded 2012 by two Arlington residents, now a non-profit with over 200 volunteers. See also:


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a regional, collaborative network organized to support the emergence and continued viability of a New England food system that is a resilient driver of healthy food for all, racial equity, sustainable farming and fishing, and thriving communities.

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The Alewife Reservation is a unique natural resource for the communities of Belmont, Arlington and Cambridge and home to hundreds of species. The Friends of Alewife Reservation works to protect and restore this area's water quality, native plants, animals and over 90 bird species, with paths for walking, running and biking, recreation, and for classroom education and research.  Guided walks, educational programs.

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Arlington's Great Meadows is actually located in Lexington, just off the Minuteman Bikeway. This group focuses on educational activities, natural resource management, and conservation/legal issues.

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Organized in 1993 to advise the Town of Arlington concerning the use, care, and maintenance of the park, and to assist in the preservation and improvement of the land, help keep and improve the fields, pond, plantings, pathways, trees, and other natural features of the park, improve species habitat and assist in the maintenance and provision of facilities furthering recreation and enjoyment of the park. The FMRP also conduct programs to educate the public and to promote the values and ideas upon which open space and community parks depend.

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A non-profit organization, it protects and promotes the Middlesex Fells and offers educational programs for all ages throughout the year ( The Fells have over 2,500 acres and 100 miles of trails, They straddle Rte 93 and border Winchester, Medford, Malden, Melrose, and Stoneham. The Middlesex Fells Visitor Center is on the shore of Spot Pond, 4 Woodland Rd., Stoneham.  Trail maps, park rules, recreational activities, and more at: