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Sustainable Arlington and the Arlington chapter of Mothers Out Front are now assembling tagging teams in each Arlington school district to temporarily tag Arlington's 177 gas leaks.  

The oldest leak in Arlington was first reported in 1996.  12% of the town's leaks have gone unrepaired for 10+ years.  Only those leaks at high risk for explosion are required to be repaired immediately.  Those that the utility considers lower risk can be left, leaking into the soil and atmosphere, for years.  Natural gas in the soil kills shrubs and trees.  In the air, it helps drive climate change because it is 95% methane, the strongest greenhouse gas after carbon dioxide.  Statewide, enough gas leaks out of our underground pipes to power 200,000 homes annually.  Consumers pay for that wasted gas even though they don't get to use it.  We will pay for it a second time through the impacts of climate change.

If you would like to take action:

To help tag Arlington's gas leaks, please sign up at:

Contact your elected State representatives to let them know your concerns about gas leaks and their impacts on your pocketbook and the environment.  Ask them to make repair a priority.


Read more about gas leaks at:





Arlington Gas Leaks Map (177 Leaks)


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