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Welcome to Sustainable Arlington

We support HeatSmart Arlington-Winchester 2019

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Sustainable Arlington acts on the local level to promote climate stabilization and other important environmental goals.  We are a Town of Arlington Environment Committee under Envision Arlington (formerly Vision 2020) and a chapter of the Massachusetts Climate Action Network.  See our yearly project statement in the Town of Arlington Annual Report, under Community Development and Planning, 

If you have ideas for ways Arlington can reduce home and Town energy consumption, speed up the switch to renewable energy, or manage Arlington's environmental resources more sustainably, please come to one of our  monthly meetings listed on this website.

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Happy New Year!

It's almost "good-bye" to 2017. 

What will we -- and you -- be doing in the new year?

There are lots of possibilities:  connecting with neighbors, building community, volunteering on local park clean-up days, rescuing food to feed the hungry and food insecure with Food Link and Boston Area Gleaners,  supporting local farmers, growing some of our own food, harvesting rain water for lawns and gardens, reviewing and changing some transportation choices, setting the thermostat lower in winter/higher in summer, reducing food waste at home, keeping usable building materials out of the waste stream, ditto for textiles (clothing, bedding, towels, curtains -- even the worn out stuff -- it can be made into rags and insulation), checking the Town's recycling website to see what else can be recycled ... so many possibilities to protect and regenerate our environment while connecting with others. 



Not all fallen leaves belong in compost --

here's why

Fallen leaves are full of nutrients but should they all end up in your compost or on your garden beds?  The answer is "no."  Source matters.  A lot. Those leaves in the gutter and on the street can be easy to rake up but consider them off-bounds.  Pavement and gutters catch (1) over-spread fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides as well as (2) the run-off from recently-treated yards and sidewalk strips, (3) vehicle fluid drips and leaks (antifreeze, oil, brake fluid), (4) lead tire weights, and more.  Put street and gutter leaves out for yard waste collection (there are good reasons to keep them out of our storm drains and water ways).  

Read more: Are all fallen leaves equal when it comes to composting?

Learn how to be more sustainable this fall!

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*Local means Massachusetts or adjacent states.

It helps build our region's economy and create jobs.

It helps transition us off fossil fuels, including natural gas which is 95% methane, a potent greenhouse gas that leaks into the atmosphere at points along the entire route from production to consumption.

Questions?  See FAQ's on Town website.


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26 Jun 2019
07:30PM - 09:00PM
SUSTAINABLE ARLINGTON June meeting, all invited
28 Jun 2019
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10 Jul 2019
06:00PM - 08:00PM
[class] THE SUBSTANCE OF SOIL, Arnold Arboretum
10 Jul 2019
07:30PM - 10:00PM
ARLINGTON TREE COMMITTEE meeting, open to the public