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Welcome to Sustainable Arlington

Sustainable Arlington acts on a local level to promote climate stabilization and other important environmental goals.  We are a Town of Arlington Vision 2020 Environment Committee and a chapter of the Massachusetts Climate Action Network.

Do you have ideas for ways that Arlington can reduce home and Town energy consumption, speed up the switch to renewables, and manage our environmental resources more sustainably? If you do, please come to one of our monthly meetings listed on this website.

Thanks for visiting.


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Seeking tagging volunteers for


Sat., Oct. 1, Sun., Oct. 2

Sustainable Arlington and the Arlington chapter of Mothers Out Front are now assembling tagging teams in each Arlington school district to temporarily tag Arlington's 177 gas leaks.  

The oldest leak in Arlington was first reported in 1996.



In Arlington, and across Massachusetts, natural gas leaks in the lines supplying homes and businesses are a big deal.  Enough gas is leaked annually to power 200,000 homes.  The cost of that wasted gas is charged to consumers in their utility bills, costing us $90,000,000 a year.  That leaked gas also kills trees, costing some towns so much that they have sued to recover the expense.  Occasional explosions remind us of how dangerous leaking gas can be.  Most leaked gas ends up in the atmosphere.  It's 95% methane, the second most powerful greenhouse gas after carbon dioxide.  So we're paying for gas we don't use that is contriubting to climate change.


Sustainable Arlington and the Arlington chapter of Mothers Out Front think this is a big problem and want the public to know more about it.  So we're holding a gas leaks tagging campaign on the first weekend of October.  You can sign up to help tag at:


Carbon Fee and Rebate — Answering the Threat of Climate Change and Strengthening the Economy  

Carbon pollution from the burning of fossil fuels, which is the primary cause of climate change, is the greatest environmental and economic threat facing the planet.  Climate change causes the most harm to the people least responsible for it, who are disproportionately poor and of color. It threatens the world our children will inherit. It already has begun raising sea levels, causing droughts and floods to worsen, increasing the threats to our health, and making storms more intense.  It is putting coastal cities and towns in Massachusetts – and the investments of money and sweat in homes and business – at great risk.  The center of Hurricane Sandy missed Boston only by about six hours; while New Jersey and New York bore the brunt of that storm, Massachusetts was more fortunate – but just barely.  Now is the time to act.

We can’t wait for politicians in Washington to solve our problems. It’s time for Massachusetts to take the lead in finding solutions to protect our economy, our way of life, and future generations.


Learn more at ClimateXChange,

a Massachusetts organization supporting carbon pricing as a solution to climate change


Outdoor education and work programs for the whole family

Habitat, the wonderful Audubon santcuary on Belmont Hill just across Rte. 2, offers enjoyable and useful outdoor education programs for the whole family.

Check out their Sept. 2016-Jan. 2017 catalog at  and note the Habitat Intergenerational Program.

Reminder: Please Water New Street Trees

We are experiencing prolonged dry weather. Please make sure new trees on your street have enough water. You can do this by filling the green bags at the tree base. If there is no green bag apply a slow watering method from a hose to the tree. Over 200 street trees have been planted by Arlington DPW over the past year. With your help they can provide decades of shade. DPW and the Arlington Tree Committee thank you in advance for helping these young trees to maturity.  Town of Arlington Notices

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