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How a Climate Change Nonprofit Got Eversource Thinking About a Geothermal Future

Listen here to WBUR, 1.13.2020 recording

Want to make a Clean FUTURE Real?

You can help!
  • Share the WBUR story  
  • When you do, advocate for the FUTURE Act. 
  • Send it to your state representative and senator 
  • Ask both of them to ask Representatives Golden and Senator Barrett to vote favorably to get the FUTURE Act out of Committee.
Take five minutes for the following:
1. Call your state Rep and Senator
  • Tell them you support the FUTURE Act H.2848 / S.1940 
  • Ask your representative to reach out to Chair Tom Golden to vote favorably out of the TUE committee
  • Ask your senator to reach out to Senator Michael Barrett to vote favorably out of TUE Committee
  • You support the FUTURE Act because:
    • It addresses current gas safety issues
    • Opens the door for gas companies to provide renewable thermal 
    • Includes climate impacts and public health and safety in energy decisions at the DPU
2. Follow up with an email
  • Tell them you support FUTURE Act H.2848 / S.1940 
  • Share the WBUR story
  • Attach the simplified one pager below
  • Include your name, your address, your organization
3. Post the WBUR story on Twitter and ask your state rep and senator to pass the #FUTUREActNow and copy your organization
Example: A #CleanEnergy future is possible @repmichlewitz and @JoeBoncore please ask TUE to pass #FUTUREActNow @mothersoutfront via @earthwhilewbur  

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