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Follow up message from Mothers Out Front:  

The planned March 7 event in Jamaica Plain with community leaders from the Marcellus Shale region of Pennsylvaniahas been postponed due to weather. We were sorry to hear yesterday evening that the flight 4 of our speakers were taking from Pittsburg was cancelled, and they were unable to take another flight due to the coming storm. 


We had so looked forward to our events with Lois Bjornson, Brian Latkanich and Jane Worthington, and they are excited to reschedule for another date soonWe hope you will join us when we have a new date for this program

Craig Leland Stevens was able to make it to the event in Winthop on Tuesday March 6, and the attendees recommitted to reducing our dependency on fossil fuels in New England by investing in solar and wind.

Will you add your support for renewable energy through an 3% annual increase in the RPS? 

We are asking our Representatives to contact the co-chairs of the Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy Committee and urge them to move on a 3% annual increase in the RPS, along with the other Clean Energy items in the Senate “omnibus” bill. (Read more about RPS talking points here.)

To find out who represents you in the MA House, click here. Then, click on the member’s name for a phone number. House Reps are the priority, but it doesn’t hurt to call Senators too.

Though the 3/7/2018 event was canceled, we are acting now to show solidarity with frontline families in Marcellus Shale. Investing in renewable energy here in New England reduces our dependence on the fracked gas that creates immense hardship for people and our climate, here and in Pennsylvania.Please join us and contact your representatives!




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