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Governor Baker's Climate Bill Amendments

On Feb. 7, Governor Baker sent the Next Generation Climate Bill (S. 9) back to the legislature with amendments.

MCAN has four asks of the Legislature when they reconsider the bill.

1) Keep the Environmental Justice language proposed by Governor Baker.

2) Keep the original Net Zero stretch code language in S.9

3) Keep clarifications made by the Baker Administration that the new stretch code code is opt-in only and should be incorporated into the base code by 2028.

4) Keep the original emissions reduction targets in S.9

MCAN has updated its Net Zero Stretch Code Advocacy Toolkit with new scripts that reflect the Governor's suggested amendments. Take a look and contact your legislator to demand that they urgently pass a climate bill that includes strong protections for Environmental Justice communities and a strong Net Zero Stretch Code!

Be a Climate Leader. Contact your legislators today!

Read more: MCAN's Response to the Governor's S.9 Amendments

Baker Sends Climate Bill Back With Amendments

Gov. Charlie Baker still is not on board with the climate policy bill overwhelmingly passed by the Legislature twice in about a month, but this time he has sent it back with proposed amendments he says would make the legislation more palatable.

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