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20 Jun 2018
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Welcome to Sustainable Arlington

Sustainable Arlington acts on a local level to promote climate stabilization and other important environmental goals.  We are a Town of Arlington Vision 2020 Environment Committee and a chapter of the Massachusetts Climate Action Network.

Do you have ideas for ways that Arlington can reduce home and Town energy consumption, speed up the switch to renewables, and manage our environmental resources more sustainably? If you do, please come to one of our monthly meetings listed on this website.

Thanks for visiting.

Sustainable Households

Stories of people in Arlington about energy conservation and sustainability. 
  • Replace Incandescent Bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Lamps
  • Install a Programmable Thermostat
  • Use a smart Power Strips to save wasted Electricity
  • Insulate Attics, Walls, Piping, Water-Heaters
  • Install low-flow Shower Heads and Aerators
  • Car Pool, drive a Fuel Efficient Car (at least 30Mpg)
  • Install Instant (tank-less) Hot Water Heaters
  • Tune up your Car and check Tire Pressure
  • Switch to Green Power (solar panels or purchase wind power)
  • Use Public Transportation whenever possible 

These steps have many environmental benefits and can save you money.  You can download a more detailed list: doc Ten Things 19/03/2007,01:21 759.50 Kb

Road less traveled

Easing gas pedal enacts a principle, proves their mettle


Isaac Wilde was tired of hearing his parents gripe about global warming. So last fall the 6-year-old burst forth with a suggestion based on his rudimentary grasp of greenhouse gases. "Why don't we just stop using our car?"

It was an idea that took hold.

His parents, Sarah Huber and Parke Wilde of Arlington, had thought about this possibility before. "Every year on New Year's Eve, I'd resolve to use the car less," Huber said. "I always said I was going to try to cut out one or two whole days a week of driving. But we fell back on the excuse that we can't do it because we have two young children. I'd say it's too cold or too wet or too dark or they're too small to expect them to walk."

click here for rest of Boston Globe article .

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